Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos will often offer bonuses and promotions that will attract players and reward them for being loyal to the site. With these offers, players will find there are multiple ways to add free cash and credits to their account, which can be used to place more wagers on the games they enjoy.


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  5. Wagering requirements

How Bonuses Work

Bonuses that are offered in online casinos are easy to redeem. When players visit the casino, they should check out the promotions page. Here, all of the current bonuses will be listed. Some casinos will simply require players to contact the support team to redeem a bonus, while others will require a coupon code, which is provided at the site. Redeeming a bonus is very simple and the bonus money will instantly be added to the player account. With casino bonuses, players will have to pay attention to the terms and conditions to see if there are specific requirements in place to complete the offer.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are very popular in online casinos and these are great offers for any new player. With these deals, the casino will offer a small amount of cash to any new player. This is a risk free bonus and will not require players to make any cash deposit to redeem the offer. The free cash that is provided can be used to enjoy the games that are supported. With a no deposit bonus, players can use the money to test games and see what the casino offers. It is a great way for players who are still comparing casino sites to see what each provides. Since they are risk free offers, players are under no obligation to remain at the casino after they have redeemed the bonus. No deposit bonuses offer small amounts of cash, but when used to place wagers, it can generate real money payouts, so this is a great way for any player top get started in an online casino.

Free Play / Credits Bonuses

Free play bonuses are another type of no deposit bonus that poses no risk to the player. Instead of the casino offering an amount of cash, they will offer larger amounts and a specific time frame in which the cash has to be wagered. Most casinos will offer a one hour bonus, where players can access many cash games and play for payouts. With these bonuses, players will have to generate winnings that exceed the bonus amount and they will then be able to keep the difference. To benefit from the payouts, players will be required to become real money players and will have to meet wagering requirements to make a cash withdrawal from their account. These bonuses are great for new players who wish to play a variety of games without having to financially commit to the casino right upon registering.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are found at almost all operating casinos and these are designed to attract new players to the site. These bonuses can only be redeemed by players who are opening a new account and making a cash deposit. Most casinos will offer a match bonus on the first deposit, but there are also sites that have welcome packages that will provide a bonus for the first few deposits. These bonuses are perfect for new players and will definitely boost the bankroll, giving players more money to gamble with when they access games. Deposit bonuses may have game restrictions and the bonus cash might only be able to be used to place wagers on specific games in the casino. Deposit bonuses can be found for slots, blackjack as well as video poker, so players need to see exactly what is being offered by the casino they are considering.

Wagering Requirements

Online casinos are well known for offering bonuses and promotions to players who are new to the site or are returning for all their gambling needs. These bonuses can add great amounts of free cash to casino accounts. But payers do need to realise that they cannot simply cash out that cash and leave the casino. Bonus money is meant to be wagered on the games that are supported and in order for players to withdraw any winnings that are generated from the bonus, they will have to meet wagering requirements. These are amounts that must be wagered on games before a bonus offer is completed. Most wagering requirements are fairly low and players will have no problem completing the offer. When comparing bonus offers, choose those that offer the highest amount of cash with the lowest wagering requirements in place.

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