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Poker Night in America. Claudico

– [Chris] From the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this is Poker Night in America. (uptempo jazz music) – [Chris] Welcome to Poker Night in America in Pittsburgh. We are at Rivers.

It’s Chris Hanson along with Joe Stapleton. – [Joe] Coming up on today’s show, more poker and part two on Claudico, the poker playing artificial intelligence. You know, as long as they don’t come up with a poker commentating artificial intelligence, I’m cool. – That wouldn’t be good. Before we get to that, we’re actually starting the day off with a competition to choose your seat at our table. Yo!

VIP! Let’s kick it! Literally. So it all got started when someone said, “I could have made that field goal!” Next thing you know, here we are early on a Sunday morning. We have Nolan Dalla, David Tuchman, Todd Anderson, “Donkey Bomber” Tom Schnieider and Chris Hanson.

And we’re ready for some Field Goal Survivor. How’s this going to work out guys? – [Tom] What we’re going to do is, we’re going to kick from one spot and then whoever gets knocked out, doesn’t make it, they’re knocked out and we’re just going to figure out who can kick the farthest field goal.

– [Chris] Okay. We’re ready to do this. Alright, let’s get to the kicking. (cheering) (all groan) – Ugh, oh God. – [Todd] Nooo!

(cheering) (cheering) – [Nolan] Yes! (cheering) – [Chris] Donkey Bomb! (laughs) – Alright, I’m eliminated. – [Tom] Got it!

(Chris groans) – [Chris] Schneider, you win. – You know what though, you were the best at the start. Schnieider wins! Donkey Bomber. (all groaning) – [Nolan] Oh!

He’s a monster. – [Tom] Yes! Awesome! (all laughing) (upbeat jazz music) – [Chris] Day two here in Pittsburgh at Rivers brings a brand new cast of characters.

And a very familiar face to those here in Pittsburgh is Jack Schanbacher. Congratulations are in order. His wife just had a baby, Stapes and here he is playing on Poker Night in America. Matter of fact, Jack Schanbacher in three seat there, you can still see the hospital bracelet on his left arm. That’s the way you do it.

– [Joe] I just thought that was from a really banging club. – [Tom] I think this game is a lot more fun when you win a pot. – [David] Yeah – It’s a lot more fun – [David] You’ve never been on this show when you’ve actually got stuck.

(laughs) – [Tom] Well, I’ve been stuck, trust me. – [David] Yeah that’s true. – [Tom] I’ve been stuck.

– [David] There was that one time in Maryland when you got all in the first hand. – [Tom] Full house. I had a full house.

Yeah, against quads. – [David] Yeah, against quads. – [Joe] Full house against quads.

That’s like poker player nightmare akin to be at school in your underwear. – [Tom] Eric, I made a very big laydown for you sir. – [Eric] Discipline. – [Tom] What? – [Eric] I said discipline.

– [Tom] Yeah I don’t know, might of been stupid. – [Eric] I mean the good thing about this is that you’ll know, you know? Sometimes you don’t know and it bothers your for days. – [Tom] I will know. – [David] Phil, it’s your opportunity to raise, fold or call. – [Joe] (meows) Passive aggressive much?

– [David] That wasn’t the opportunity. That wasn’t what I expected. – [Phil] There are three threes on the board.

– [Joe] Thank you, Phil. – [Tom] You guys both have similar hands. – [Chris] Laak checks hoping Baker will bet again and sure enough, he does. – [Joe] Getting Phil to fold his hand in this spot is harder than learning to do something in a movie without a montage. – [Phil] I need a three.

Three. ( Joe laughs) – [Joe] Three also would have made him a winner. – [Phil] I was only five away. – [Tom] Yeah, you’re quick, you’re very quick at math.

– How much are you willing to call? – Well, show me one or two of your cards. – How much are you willing to call?

That’s really my question. Because I need to bet 100 more than that. – That means you want me, you want to make a bet, go 100 over and have me fold?

That’s the goal? – [Chris] I’m guessing that Laak would call the pot here. – [Joe] Yeah, no. There’s no amount that Phil is folding for, but I think when he dodges a question like that, like an absolutely amazing politician, it says a lot. – [David] I think 1100 should get the job done.

– [Phil] Wow, that’s two aces if I’ve ever seen one. Do I just pay him off? He has two aces. – [Phil] It’s amazing, I feel like I’m dead. – [Joe] So David showed a five. – [David] Sorry, did that expose?

– [Tom] Oh did you know that you exposed a card? – [David] I didn’t realize. – [Phil] Oh you’ve got five three of clubs.

– [Joe] And I think Phil might have been thinking about folding before, but now he never will. He probably wasn’t going to. – [Phil] A weird, twisted fold at set value? (Tom laughs) – [David] What do you have?

Let me see if I want you to fold or not? Oh (bleep) That’s tough. That’s a tough spot you’re in. – [Phil] That’s funny. I’m just going to pay him off. – [David] You got it.

I thought I had it. (laughs) I thought I had drilled you on the end. – [Phil] I thought you had aces and were slow playing. – [David] I was trying to get you to call. (laughs) – [Phil] What does the book say what you do with the average hand?

It’s the hands that are in the middle of your– – [Mark] It depends on who wrote the book. – [Phil] All in? – [Joe] You know in some casinos these guys throwing in “all in” around like that would be binding.

– [Phil] Yesterday’s queen high all in worked. – [Tom] Yes. – [Phil] $9,000 up tick. – [Tom] Really? – [David] 15. – [Tom] Little two fives worked all right too.

– [David] Right, because I had 7500. That was the turning point in my session. – [Phil] Yep.

– [David] That little queen on the river. – [Chris] Jack Schanbacher here from Pittsburgh has picked up kings this time. – [Joe] Here we go. Ace queen suited. Kings, dig in everybody.

– [Phil] That is going to do it for me. – [Tom] Took all the fun out of it for me. – [David] This is the time in the program where I either double up or rebuy.

– Yes, I think you’re going to rebuy. – [Chris] David Baker is all in. – [Jack] Any hand can win.

– [Mark] I folded deuces. – [Tom] At least there’s one of those. – [Jack] We don’t need to see the other one. – That’s a pretty strong hand.

– Put the king of diamonds up there. – [Phil] Put the king of diamonds up there, why not? Oh, that’s strong for kings. – [Joe] Just one diamond. – [Phil] Three of diamonds would be good. Two or three of diamonds.

– [Tom] Yeah, two or three of diamonds. There it is! The ultimate card, the ultimate card.

– [Joe] That really is the ultimate card. Like every back door imaginable now. (laughter) – Oh ace of clubs. That works too. – (bleep) You’re really good at this all-in situation. – [David] I’m really good at poker.

I’m really good at poker. – [Tom] You’ve gotten your money on a really bad couple of times and you win. – [Phil] Pocket deuces, is that what you had? – [Tom] I like it. – [David] Anybody that thinks that poker is not skill needs to watch this and realize the skill involved in how I’ve played today.

– [Tom] Yes. – [Chris] For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams. – [Chris] Welcome back to Poker Night in America. – [Joe] This is super awkward. Mark Smith thinks that Phil’s talking to him, but he’s actually on Skype with a guy in Hong Kong.

– [Chris] Back to our 25/50 no limit game. Under the gun, you can straddle, it’s a blind raise, puts you in position pre-flop. – [Joe] Chris, Tom’s jacket looks like he rolled around in a deck of Uno cards. – [Chris] Oh Tom Schneider, I don’t have much nice to say about him today after defeating me in the field goal kicking challenge. It’s harder than it looks. I’m just going to put that out there.

– [Joe] Did he hit you with a Draw Four Wild? (Chris laughs) – [Chris] No, actually he hit me with like a 30 yard field goal and I totally choked. – [Joe] That guy?

– [Chris] Yeah, I know. During practice I was putting them through from 30, 35 yards. – [Joe] Oh you just– – [Chris] Just choked. – [Joe] Just completely– – [Chris] Choked is what I’d call that. – [Phil] When they stand up, they always make a mistake. If you stand up and you make a decision, seven percent more luck than it being a mistake.

– [Tom] Okay, let’s see how that works. – [Joe] Phil is 100% calling by the way. – Could we all rise?

All rise. – [Dan] Okay, back to normal. – [Tom] I’m just going to mimic whatever he does. – Did he make me stand down? – [Tom] There we go, it’s friendly that way. – [Phil] I don’t know if this is friendly, this is more complicated this way.

– [Tom] I don’t know if I like it, I think I’ve got to go like this because– – [Joe] Lens flare! – [Tom] I’ve got to do this is what I gotta do. – [Phil] Whew.

I’m nervous. – [Joe] Aww, man! Phil Laak is so good! – [Chris] You’ve got to be kidding me. C’mon!

– [Joe] But can he fade the spade? – [Phil] Can he see that I checked? – [Tom] I can see that. – This is how they do it to me. I know I have you beat, so I’m just going to give you the money.

Take it. – [Joe] Phil wants to get the money in while he’s sure that he’s ahead. – [Tom] Oh boy.

– [Phil] Take it, I mean, I don’t even want it. There’s always the stack you want, that’s what I left back here. – [Joe] Tom could call. – [Phil] I might have him beat.

Just fold it. – [Tom] Alright. – [Joe] Probably a good fold.

– [Phil] Had him beat. If you fold, I know I had you beat. – [Tom] I was live. – [Chris] Brand new player joining us. Mike Vierheller is taking the spot of David Baker in seat seven and buy-in of $10K.

I think players are ordering up lunch. Need something to eat Stapes or? – [Joe] I always need something to eat. – [Chris] Two bacon cheeseburgers. – [Joe] What are you going to eat?

(Chris laughs) – [Tom] I better watch what’s going on. – [Chris] The newb isn’t taking any time to get acquainted with the table. He is raising in his very first hand. – [Tom] Alright Mike we haven’t been doing this. – [Mike] First time for everything.

– [Chris] Vierheller actually won the hot seat sit and go so it was actually $1000 from 10 players. You won the table, you got to come and join the pros here on Poker Night in America. So essentially a free roll with his cash here on the table. – [Joe] Which hand would you rather have here?

I kind of like the 10/7 even though it’s behind, it’s easier to know where you’re at. – [Chris] I think I would take the jacks. I like the front run, even if I know I’m not the front running because there’s a king and two clubs. And now two nines on the board so a lot of things are possible. – [Dan] I think you could make the fold there. I think you’ve got it in you in those spots.

You’ve got it in ya Phil. – [Phil] I hate folding though. That’s why I’m so disappointed that I didn’t call when you were bluffing that time. – [Joe] If I’m Tom, I might be tempted to raise here. See if I can get a fold here before I miss my straight. – [Phil] Look at this.

– [Joe] Jacks could conceivably fold. – [Phil] Tom’s putting the money in. – [Chris] $1,800 more. $8,500 in the pot as we go to the river. – [Joe] If jacks don’t fold there, by the way, nothing will so maybe not a great raise.

– [Chris] Schneider is giving it one more opportunity to try and make it happen on the river. – [Joe] Will he have the stones to Donkey Bomb the river? Or did he use up all his courage leaving his house in that jacket? – [Chris] Another $2,300. – [Joe] Well he bet but it’s not exactly a bomb. Could look like one of those annoying little value bets and get a fold.

Wow! – [Chris] Ooh baby. – [Joe] Hiyah! (uptempo jazz music) – [Phil] I saw a cartoon with a guy with a stick, and then I just went from railroad station to railroad station, drifting around.

Met other hobos, learned the way of the hobo way. – [Joe] Welcome back to Poker Night in America. He is Chris Hanson, I’m Joe Stapleton and I’m ready to get back to the table at Rivers in Pittsburgh. – [Mark] What do you think?

– [Phil] The mother ship is in tune. The mother ship is lining up to refuel, I’m just chilling in the dark, you know? – [Mark] Straddling the mother ship. – [Joe] Every time Phil mentions the mother ship they actually fine him 100 blethmarks. Alien currency. – [Dealer] $300.

– [Tom] I’ve tuned into Phil’s mother ship so be careful. They let me have its frequency. – [Phil] Reception crossed.

– [Chris] Schneider flops two pair. – [Dealer] $400. – [Chris] And now a boat for Schneider. – [Joe] So on the flop I was hoping Jack was floating to try and take it away on the turn. Now for his sake, I hope he’s just trying to hit a queen or an eight. Meaning he should definitely fold now, no matter what his plan was.

– [Chris] Jack Schanbacher now is, oh boy, trying to make a move. – [Joe] I think lighting it on fire may be against the safety code. – [Tom] Three more.

– [Dealer] Re-raise. – [Chris] Oh boy… – [Joe] Wonder what Tom was actually thinking about there. “Make it look good, make it look good, make it look good, “make it look good, make it look good, I raise.”

– [Chris] And I think it’s bedtime for daddy here. Absolutely, Tom Schneider is on fire on Poker Night in America. – [Joe] Just like Jack Schanbacher’s money. – [Chris] Hiyo! – [Phil] And to amorphized inanimate objects is fine too because it expresses who we are as humans. – [Joe] Man, I cannot wait until Phil Laak gets his own TED Talk.

– [Phil] We’re intuitive, emphatic beings. – [Chris] I don’t think he’s stopped talking at the table. He might be giving one right now. – [Tom] Phil is so bright, I can’t even understand. – [Phil] We’re pack animals. All of our brain neurons, the eight billion whatever you have firing, we’re all firing against each other.

Changing, learning, morphing, as a big collective. – [Joe] Wow, that’s an action flop. Except for Schaunbacher, top pair and the nut flush draw for Laak, – [Chris] I foresee more chips going in the middle. And I don’t have a connection to the mother ship through the goggles, but I’m guessing there’s more money that’s going to go in the middle.

– [Joe] Yeah, I don’t think you need it for this one. – [Phil] You’re in there, huh? Dealer, can you do me favor, just plesh that flat. If that’s a word.

Pleshing? Yeah, thanks. (Joe and Chris laugh) – [Joe] It’s easier for the neurons to fire into a pleshed pot. More surface area for the free radicals to get pleshed. – [Phil] There’s like $4,600 out there so I have to have to have $4,150 which is kind of like a pleshing bet.

– [Chris] Actually, there’s $4,800, but you know, I’m not going to question a part alien. – [Joe] It’s way more likely that we got it wrong than him. – [Phil] It’s times like this that, sometimes my opponents wonder if the mother ship is within the reception cycle or an elliptical part where its sort of out of reception. – [Tom] It could be out in the middle of the Atlantic. – [Joe] Don’t be ridiculous, the Atlantic.

– [Tom] Are you the one commanding to that ship, or do they– – [Phil] No, no, no. It’s not– – [Tom] You’re not commanding it? They don’t listen to you at all?

Are you like one of the dumbest people on this ship? Or is there…are you the… – [Phil] I just tune into what’s going on on the ship. They talk about poker. – [Tom] They do? – [Phil] Oh they’re watching it.

They’re piped in. Where do you think all these cameras and wires are going to that area and then, they do the satellite hop with the Wi-Fi enable whatever. – [Tom] The hop and the enable.

– [Joe] I like the raise, Phil’s got something probably and you want to make him pay. – [Phil] Do you want me to put it in? What if you have a set of aces?

– [Chris] Well, we’ve already got our biggest pot of the night and we haven’t even gotten to the river yet. – [Joe] By the way, Phil has outs to the nuts and the hand that could very well be the best hand. – [Chris] There are a lot of a lot of chips in the middle as it is ballooning now to $28,000.

– [Phil] Nine of spades on the river. Mother ship doesn’t need to tell me that. – [Joe] That is gross for kings, but I think they can hear them cheering in the mother ship from here. – [Chris] It’s like a dull whistle. – [Joe] I think we all hear it differently maybe.

– [Phil] I’m all in. – [Jack] How much is it? – [Phil] This is the wall of chips young man. You’ll meet the wall from time to time. (Tom laughs) – [Tom] Hello walls. – [Chris] Well Jack Schanbacher, what’s it going to be?

– [Joe] Think about the baby! – [Jack] I fold, you win. – [Chris] Oh, that has to hurt. – [Joe] Good fold dad. Whew. – [Chris] Here’s where we’re going to press pause for the night.

And Phil Laak is up $11,900… thanks to that hand. Jack Schanbacher is down $14,900 thanks to that hand. After the break, more on the poker playing A.I., Claudico – I saw a cartoon with a guy with a stick and he wrapped up some stuff in a napsack, you know like a little cloth. – A hobo. – A hobo, yeah.

That was the first time I found a pair of flip flops, cause I saw on the hobo had some kind of woven-ish, it wasn’t like sneakers. – Yeah. – And then I just went from railroad station to railroad station drifting around. Meet other hobos, learned the way of the hobo way. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. Welcome back to Poker Night in America.

– He is Chris Hanson, I am Joe Stapleton. – Again with the talking to the robot Stapes? – Ahem, no, sorry, I’m just a little stiff when I’m this sober. – Last episode, we showed part one of our look at Claudico, head’s up poker’s deadliest artificial intelligence as it battles four of the world’s most accomplished players. – Will humanity prevail?

Or has the real battle against robot supremacy just begun? (upbeat techno music) – For these huge games like no limit heads up Texas Hold Em’ the number of informational situations that the players can face is 10 to the power of 161. So it’s one followed by 161 zeros. That’s more than the number of atoms in the universe. And even if you add in all of the atoms in the universe, you’ll have a whole lot of universe. Counting those sub atoms, it still would have come to that number.

So it’s a big number of stakes and these algorithms are very hungry in terms of memory and computation. – Well, we’re here to see Black Light. This is one of our HPC resources.

HPC is High Performance Computing. And Black Light is one of the world’s largest shared memory machines. What it lets people do is run codes that they have run other places, let’s them do what they want to do. So it’s extremely important for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Black Light’s compute components is really eight cabinets. Each of the eight cabinets has a number of compute nodes and they each have their own memory. They’re connected in the back by this new molecular interconnect that you can’t see and it goes over the top to connect the cabinets.

Professor Sandholm’s application right now is running on these four over here. Over here on the right, we have a small portion of the storage. This is a large shared parallel sound system. It’s another way these super computers are different. Rather than having a disc or couple of discs in your desk side or near your laptop, these are thousands of discs. And they all work together to deliver higher performance – [Tuomas] To actually run Claudico, it doesn’t take any special hardware.

You can run it on a laptop. But to make Claudico, that takes a super computer. I don’t write poker programs because I wouldn’t know how.

I write algorithms that write poker programs. The algorithms that ran and run on Black Light, on the super computer, they are actually automatically deriving the strategy for Claudico and Claudico is those strategies. Those strategies, you can run on your cell phone if you wanted to. – Man versus machine. We’ll find out who ends up on top in the next episode. – More from Poker Night online at

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch for up to date information, full episodes and unedited live streams. For the man who is half robot and half cocker spaniel, Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. We’ll see you next time on Poker Night In America. – [David] I’m sorry baby Christian.

(Jack laughs) – [Jack] I think he’ll be alright. – [Tom] That’s your baby’s name? Christian? – [Jack] Yeah. – [David] I think he’ll be alright. – [Tom] Nice.

He’ll be alright. – [David] Christian has a bright future ahead of him. He seems like he has a very good dad. Good parents. Who want five kids. – [Tom] Yeah.

– [David] My dad comes from five kids. – [Tom] I think he just wants a basketball team. That’s really all he wants. – [Jack] Maybe a reserve in case someone gets hurt. – [Tom] Yeah, exactly, a sixth man.

You can be the sixth man.