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Poker Night in America. Coach Fight

– [Voiceover] From Turning Stone Resort in Upstate New York, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – This is Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson, happy to be next to Joe Stapleton.

– Hello, my babies, it’s our last day here at Turning Stone and just when I was starting to learn everybody’s names. But, we saved the best for last from John and Alex and Shane. – Don’t you mean Joe, Alec and Shaun. – Yes. – [Chris] Here’s what everyone is in for as we continue day two at Turning Stone. – [Joe] Kinda surprised to see this many people in Profitville and also the biggest surprise is, one of the best players of the table, Shaun Deeb, he’s down almost 20,000.

– [Chris] You have that many winners, somebody’s gotta fund the losing and so far, Richard Anthony and Shaun Deeb have done that. – Yeah it’s, the games are so big. – Yeah, it’s so big.

– [Deeb] And you just have to get deep so fast. – It’s really tough. – They were playing a double draw for a while, the pot limit. – [Dealer] 300.

– [Chris] Alec Torelli with Aces, makes it $300. – I just remember it’s like really action. – [Deeb] Oh yeah.

– Position’s everything in that game, right? – Yeah. – Careful, man. – Or you can play half pot limit too, right? – Half pot limit is not that good because.

– [Chris] Anthony calls with King, 10. – The guy runs the river play a lot. – [Chris] Two combatants to go against Alec Torelli’s Aces.

– [Joe] And McKeehen’s flopped pretty dang good here, flush draw and a straight draw. – Pot limit with Badacy, very interesting. – [Joe] Torelli’s gonna wanna bet this pretty hard, it’s a drivey board. You can get lots of action, lots of stuff to protect against. – It was ridiculous. – Badacy at least it’s split pot.

– [Joe] It’s 750 into a pot of 975. – [Dealer] Call. – [Joer] And we’re going heads up to the turn. – [Chris] Board pairs. – [Joe] And That’s a pretty good card for Alec Torelli, no draws came in.

Should be able to bet this again for value. I think Joe would call on a flop with any pair but he’s not gonna have too many fives. See, this bet’s a little bit smaller relative to the size of the pot. Joe McKeehen, he’s really impressive, you know To look at the guy, you wanna be a hater. You wanna say “ah, you luck boxed “your way to the final table, “you luck boxed your way to the win.” I think the kid knows what he’s doing.

– [Chris] And it’s interesting to look at him, obviously this was filmed before the World Series with the exact same look that he had throughout that final table. – [Joe] Yup, kid just played his game and took home the bracelet. Makes his flush on the river.

– Mike, give one to your balls. He looks hungry. – I just drooled in it, I don’t think he wants it. (laughter) – [Deeb] Rep’s stuck. – [Porter] I lost 3,000 straight when I sat down but, I doubled up slowly since then.

– [Chris] $3,600, the bet from Torelli. – [Joe] Not exactly the small bet I was expecting but I guarantee whatever Alec’s doing is right. Gets just a call from McKeehen, doesn’t get raised and McKeehen’s gonna ship the whole pot. – [Chris] And, look at the excitement on the young man’s face.

– [Joe] (laughing) – [Chris] That’s what I like about him, is that he is just always at zero. – [Joe] All this gloating and celebrating is really disgusting. – Such a pure liten, pure life. – It was a really fun ride, it was very long and grueling but I ran… …I…

I ran really good at the end so I just have a lot of chips and I’m ready to go. Waiting every day for November. -November 11. November 11th will be after I win the tournament that you’re not gonna win. – [Joe] Oh, bold prediction, turns out he was right.

(laughter) – My range is still pretty wide there. But, every once in a while, I gotta have a top. – You’re gonna have it, yeah.

– Every once in a while . (laughter) – Once in a while. – The switcharoo for ’em. – Here you go, you can play them if you want.

– Three bills. Who raised it three? – Mikey did. That’s not me, don’t worry.

– [Dealer] A thousand – When nobody can see each other’s cards now. It’s a little different. You can put money, chi in the middle.

– I don’t know, Mikey can probably turn them over if he feels like it. – [Joe] We got Ace King vs. 10’s vs. Six’s vs. Queen-Jack, we’ve got four very playable hands. – You guys wanna put on the last person folds has to show game after this hand? – Oh yeah, I forgot that. I woulda done that the whole time. – Yes, it’s fine with me.

– If everyone agrees, after the hand. – Unless it’s like pre-flopping the big blind or something. – Even if, what’s it matter? – Yeah, yeah, it just slows down the game. Yeah, whatever. – We gotta call this hand.

– All in. – I wanted to play. Now, I’m happier I folded. – [Joe] Bart. (laughing) He’s handcuffed yet again.

– [Chris] And Richard Anthony, the look on his face says it all thinking, this has been me all day. Putting money into the pot and having to fold. – [Joe] Yeah, Mike Dentale is probably not loving the fact that he’s looking at calling $12,550 but this is kind of what you want. – Right away, it would have been Mike’s hand.

I wish we did a one hand earlier. – I know, it would have been so nice. – [Joe] You want Deeb to blast off and you wanna be able to call him with a very strong hand. Deeb could certainly be doing this with worse than an Ace King. – Once or twice. – [Joe] So, Dentale makes a call, they’re racing.

Like Xbox vs. Playstation, one of these two hands has a slight mathematical advantage. -Oh, he flipped his hand! Hey, hey!

I’ll take $400 on the Ace King. – [Joe] They’re gonna run it twice though. You gotta win both boards to scoop the pot. 10’s looking pretty good on this first flop. (laughter) Deeb just got a fade, an Ace or a King on the river.

– There’s no (beep) way I’m winning the second one. – I think there’s a chance. – [Chris] So Dentale needs to have his Ace King come in on the secondboard here to chop.

And, as they say, Shaun Deeb now is free-rolling the second board. – [Joe] There’s an ace on the flop. – [Chris] Deeb needs a 10 on the Turn or River.

– There’s a king and a jack in there. There’s a 10 of hearts in there. – [Chris] And it doesn’t happen, and so they’re gonna chop it up. – [Joe] That’s a chop.

– Alright, so we’re on for the — – Yeah, is everyone down with that? You too, Mikey? – What? – The last person in the hand has to fold face up. – The guy who concedes the pot, not the winner.

– Are you cool with that, Bart? – Yeah, absolutely. – We’re gonna take a quick break here on Poker Night in America, if you’re not back by the time the last card hits the button, we will fold your hand. – [Voiceover] For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams.

– Welcome back to Poker Night in America, from Upstate New York, you know, I grew up 90 minutes from here, my mom’s gonna cook everyone dinner. – [Chris] Poker Night in America, Turing Stone Resort, Verona, New York, He’s “Stapes,” I’m the guy without a cool nickname, Chris Hanson – [Joe] “The Hanse!” – [Chris] I just don’t think that’s gonna stick. We can put it out there, but I just don’t think it’s gonna stick. – [Joe] My entire career is based on making things stick that shouldn’t. – [Chris] Kings for Alec Torelli.

– [Joe] Like, for instance, I’m trying to make “Lady Queen” stick as a nickname for Kings… I mean, “Man Queens.” See, I can’t even get my own thing right. – I’m such a… should be going all in, here. – If it’s not for me, but if it’s for him, put it there. – It’s for you, too — – No, I’m okay.

– If you want one. – See, this is why I should’a went all in. This is just, this seat’s, it’s just gotta be the worst seat in the history of seats. – [Joe] And Shaun Deeb is three-betting with two 10s. – Seriously.

That’s me on steroids when I’m playing 5-10. Mike, can you complain here with me a little bit here? Oh, nevermind, you were up so you ain’t even gonna complain, you’re eating balls and you’re up.

– [Joe] Excuse me? – [Chris] Meatballs, there’s a catering table just off set, and the players are getting up to go and fetch — – [Joe] I see. That makes way more sense. – If everyone folded I was gonna fold too. – 3250? – My cards, he would’ve got to see my cards.

I might’ve been slightly out of line, I apologize if so. -All in. Is that a call? – [Joe] Oh, boy, I knew there was no way he was folding, I didn’t know he was gonna get it in. It’s Domination Nation. – What do you wanna do?

– Uh, twice is fine. – [Joe] They’re gonna run it twice, there’s been at least one 10 folded. Two, it turns out. – Oh, that was me. – You have hearts?

– No, he does not. – [Joe] Gonna be pretty tough for Shaun Deeb to win, he needs a jack. The first of two boards goes to Alec Torelli. – Don’t you breathe easier when you win the first one?

– Look what I got you. – When he says the 10 of hearts is dead, I don’t like my chances on the second board. – [Joe] Oh, this is gonna be a tough one for 10s to win. he is drawing dead. – [Chris] Oh, Shaun Deeb.

It’s not going well. – [Joe] No, he was stuck 17k coming into play, he just lost another 15 Yikes! – Nice hand Alec. – Thanks.

– [Chris] That’s okay. There’s more where that came from. – There’s a lot more that goes into the hand than simply the specific cards you have. A lot of it is about the situation as well, and in this spot, I don’t think you can blame Shaun for going broke here. I could easily be raising with a lot of hands, and so that makes him more prone to going all in, to defend against the times I’m bluffing, and so I don’t blame him at all for going in with two 10s, it was really unfortunate that I had two kings and sometimes you find yourself in a good situation where you capitalize. Seems like some people didn’t play, like, poker in between.

– Most of them, like, didn’t wanna coach, or just like, “Oh, I play my game,” like, that’s what… No offense to you Tom, just like, that’s a dumb thing to do. – What? Oh, I was just kidding. – Oh, okay. – I was clearly kidding when I said it.

– I don’t know. – He told me yesterday he’s going out to Vegas like three weeks earlier to work with them, like one-on-one, which is… I mean, a lot more than I’m doing as of right now. – [Chris] We are running out of daylight, here at Turning Stone tonight. So, if you see, maybe, people loosening up, that might be why as the game’s going to be coming to an end fairly soon. – [Torelli] That’s sort of the beauty about poker, though.

Poker’s like the one game where people will actually do that. Where as in other sports, I think, it’s so normal for people to take that approach. – [Deeb] Well, they start at such a young age, they’re coached before they’re the best.

– [Torelli] To be more humble. Exactly, where as in poker it’s like. – [McKeehen] No straddle, it’s small. – [Porter] I think, though, there’s… – [Chris] Ace king for McKeehan, ace jack for Torelli. – [Porter] Some merit to not fundamentally, completely altering your game.

And ending up in positions, where you’re just not comfortable playing. – [Joe] Well, this is gonna get ugly. – [Deeb] because maybe he’s the best tournament player, but he’s got a difficult style to adapt to, so he’s not probably the best for that situation.

You’re gonna be uncomfortable in all these situations that he will make correct decisions, you might not also make. – [Joe] Not now, Shaun! – [Porter] You’re not used to being.

– [Deeb] He should find a coach who has a similar style to you, however it is and then you can work with that. – [Porter] Or just, you know get more help understanding some of the intricacies. – [Deeb] Yeah.

– [Porter] Or different parts of the game that you don’t necessarily understand. – [Deeb] You should have your math coach and like your play coach. It’s totally different. – [Porter] I mean, like I watched Newhouse play last year. There was some response where the Newhouse I knew would have bet in sports and put the other guy in really tough situations.

– [Chris] 900, the bet from McKeehan. Both players thinking ugh, trapping the others, watch this. – [Stapleton] Yeah. I’m just afraid it’s going to be a boring river card and we’re gonna chop this. – [Porter] All a sudden they’re getting weak in their medium, and he loses a bunch of pots in a row.

– [Deeb] And that’s the limit background. Getting that thin value everr hand. – [Porter] Right, but that’s one of his huge strengths right, he puts– – [Chris] Call from Torelli. Both of them seem to be a little cautious.

as we head to the river – [Porter] Ya know, he’s, he’s player who gets a lot of value from putting pressure on opponents and making them guess, and then you take that away– – [Joe] Alright well it’s no chop. – [Porter] It’s nice, a mistake, whatever, ya know? At least that’s how it looked from the outside. – [Deeb] But if people don’t know he adjusted to that style, then it works out really well. ‘Cause then they think his range is a lot wider, than it actually is. – [Porter] Maybe I don’t know I think people end up in situations where they’re not comfortable too often when they try to change their game.

– [Chris] McKeehan bets 2100. – [Joe] I think I just call here a lot. I imagine when I raise, it’s hard to get paid by a worse hand. – [Chris] I am going broke every single time here with Ace Jack. They could just keep putting out additional cards after the river, and I’d go broke each and every time. – [Joe] This is a spot where a lot of people go broke, and they go, “What did ya expect?

“I had three aces I was gonna go broke.” And the best players in the world? – [Chris] No.

– [Joe] Whoa no! He doesn’t even call! Oh, man, what a lay down!

– We talked about some of the big hands that I folded during the play here on Poker Night in America, and to a casual viewer, it might seem crazy or really, really difficult to fold those hands, but when you take into account the size of the game you’re playing and the stakes and your opponents. A much more prudent question to ask yourself, instead of focusing on your own situation, to be asking yourself, what does my opponent think about here? Me here?

What does my opponent think about me in this situation? What are they trying to accomplish? And are they really gonna bluff me here? So I always try and literally envision myself in my opponents shoes, and how I would play the hand strategically if I was them. – Said I thought Phil was the second best player of all time and he blocked me.

– Anytime anybody mentions that hand, instant block. It doesn’t matter if they preface it with saying they love me. Goodbye, goodbye. – [Chris] Welcome back to Poker Night in America.

Turning Stone Resort. Back to the no limit cash game. Running out of time for the night, it’s time for a couple more hands. Shaun Deeb is stuck large at this game.

Let’s see if he can get himself out of some of this debt. – [Porter] He was bent big out of the gate, and they just put a cap on it right away. – I don’t see how it’s possible, dude. – [Porter] You considers putting 1100 in there. I saw him thinking about it. -Me?

– [Joe] No one’s raising? Is this real life? (man laughs) So, Deeb’s flopped a set.

I think everybody’s gonna be in a lot of trouble if there’s another diamond on the turn. McKeehan may be in a bit of trouble as well. He may think his jacks are good with only one over card out there.

Porter’s betting his up and down draw. – [Dealer] 700. – [Thomas] I gettin’ cracked. I don’t even wanna buy no dinner. – [Chris] By the time this gets back around to Shaun Deeb now, I’m guessing there’s probably a raise in his future. – [Joe] This is a pretty loose call from Tom Cannuli.

I wonder if he does this if we’re not coming down the home stretch. Calling with middle pair there, when there’s that many players to act behind, I just don’t think it’s gonna be good very often. And your chances of improving are also not very good. – [Chris] If you want to be a poker commentator, little note… Whenever Sean Deeb has action just say he’s gonna raise.

It’ll make you look like right like almost every time. – Raise to 20, 25. – [Joe] It helps that he hits a lot of sets.

You know I think this is a perfect spot for a just call from Rep Porter. – [Chris] Correct sir, Cannuli out of the way. Now heads up with Deeb and Porter. – [Dentale] He’s a dealer in Vegas.

– [Chris] Porter looking for either the three or the eight. or maybe a diamond to pick up some more draws and… Boom goes the dynamite! – [Joe] And Chris Hanson is looking for a time machine, so he can make that joke. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve done it also. -All in.

– [Joe] I shouldn’t throw stones. Porter does not have the nuts on this board. – [Chris] Yeah there’s a little hesitation here, because that three was a club. – That’s a big bet Shaun. – [Chris] There’s that possibility he made the flush on the turn, but he didn’t. However for Shaun Deeb, not drawing dead.

-Once or twice? – Twice was always fine with me. – [Deeb] I got a set. – [Porter] I got a straight. – [Joe] They’re gonna run it twice.

As is the custom here in Turning Stone. That five’s not gonna do it. He needs the four to pair or to find a seven. – [Joe] Wow, he manages to find a four on the river and the second run out, so they are gonna chop it up.

They are gonna win 800 bucks each. – [Chris] Wah, wah, wah-wah. – [Joe] I mean, it sure beats losing 10k. – [Cannuli] That’s what I had in the other hand too, and you had the threes.

– [Chris] Straddle from Joe McKeehan. Well, Deebs getting cards to try and get himself out of the hole he’s dug for himself. He’s got ace king on this hand. – [Cannuli] Get stacked there, if it comes out, I mean.

– [Chris] Richard Anthony can’t help himself. – [Joe] Well he’s got a hole he’s gotta climb out of too. – [Chris] Maybe being the left of Shaun Deeb has caused him to also lose a lot of money in this game. – [Joe] I was gonna say that Bart Hanson, ya know, is sitting to the left of Shaun Deeb, and you’re supposed to be in a position of power there, and just time and time again. Deeb is just like, “All in.” Thereby taking away all the power from the person sitting to his left.

Somehow Shaun Deeb manages to dominate from the right. I’ve never seen anything like it. – [Chris] Cannuli raises to 1600. And so now we’re back to Deeb.

– (Thomas singing) Sometimes I dream that he is me. Like Joe. [singing] I’d like to be like Joe.

I like sweatpants I like to be like sweatpants. – Are you, are you wearing Jordan’s? -Yeah -Of course that’s what all black guys wear. [laughter] – [Chris] Again kids, if you wanna be a poker commentator, when action is on Shaun Deeb just say “I think he’s gonna raise.” And look at that, you’d be right yet again. – [Cannuli] How much did you start with?

– [Joe] Kids, if you wanna be a poker commentator, please quit because Chris and I really can’t handle any more competition. – [Chris] I’ve got four kids. Not gonna lie.

– A little over 12 behind. – [Joe] And this is gonna be really hard for Cannuli to get away from. Deeb is so volatile. He could be doing this with anything. I like taking a flop-in position.

It looks like that is what Tom is electing to do. (men muttering softly) – [Chris] We got $9,000 in the middle, pre-flop. – [Joe] Ah, so this is the problem with flatting with king, queen is that this happens a lot. No pair, one of your suit. – [Chris] Nobody continuation bets and there you sit. – [Joe] and Sean is most certainly continuation betting.

– [Porter] I’ve probably read more poker books than most people. – What about Bob Chapeau? – [Thomas] Seriously, man you are making it so difficult. – Rep, what about Bob Chapeau, middle. – [Joe] Deeb makes a really small continuation bet. Which is pretty standard in pot that’s this big pre-flop.

A bet of 2600 is gonna accomplish the same thing as a bet of four or five thousand. – [Torelli] It’s not about poker. It’s not about being better at playing poker, – [Chirs] Canulli thinking this over. – [Torelli] it’s about being a better poker player.

-Yeah – [Chris] And there is absolutely nothing there for him. But it doesn’t look like that is going to stop him. – [Joe] Shaun’s a pretty at price to peel. – [Porter] Ha, that was a great book. It’s funny because I was at his table– – [Chris] Burn and turn. – [Stapleton] And that is just a really horrific card for Tom Cannuli.

– [Chris] He hit the wrong one. -All in. – [Joe] Deebs all in. – [Canulli] That’s ten, right? – [Joe] How can Cannuli not call? You call trying to hit a king or a queen.

– [Chris] And then you hit it. Yeah you have to call, right? – [Canulli] I call. – [Deeb] Ace King. -King, queen.

King, queen – King queen? -uh, once or twice? – I’ll leave it up to you. – Twice is fine.

– [Dealer] Twice. – [McKeehen] Another paint card for the sweat. – [Joe] They are running it twice.

And it’s really unlikely Cannuli’s gonna win either one of these, yep. So Shaun Deeb is gonna double up right at the end of this session. – Ten?

– $9,550. – Please don’t go anywhere. There’s nothing better else on TV. There’s more Poker Night in America when we return. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America.

– [Chris] Well that is it for day two here at Turning Stone. That last hand stopped some of the bleeding for Sean Deeb, but there’s a couple other wounds that are still oozing blood. – [Joe] He’ll be licking those for a little while. Let’s turn out attention to the happy news. Who’s the winner tonight? – [Chris] Unbelievable, Matt Glantz somehow made $50 tonight.

I hope he doesn’t spend it all in one place. – [Joe] And it’s Alec Torelli who’s the big winner, and it should be no surprise, because he absolutely owned everyone. I guess we’ll see you next time from the Seminal Hard Rock. – For more Poker Night in the meantime, go to Poker for complete episodes and unedited live streams.

For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. See you next time, right here on Poker Night in America. (jazzy music) – That was for the dealer, the $50. – What’s that. – The $50 just added to your stack. You just stole from the dealer, yes.

– I took $50? – Yes. – Oh. (laughing and mumbling)