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The great new mobile casino game

Slotland is at it again. As if we could want for more with this online slots giant, here we are. Online gambling in the mobile sense is even a bit more fun with this great new offering.

A spokesperson for the online gambling slot site couldn’t have put it any better – he said ever since the online gambling site started its very first mobile casino game back 2005, it has been working hard to add a new games each and every few months. Just recently the company released a mobile version of its online gambling favorite Striking 7s video poker game.

With more online gambling players turning to their mobile phones for gaming, it makes perfect sense for Slotland to offer them the variety they get at online casinos.

The newest game, Booster, will keep in true fashion with a great mix between online casino technology and cell phone convenience. It is a three wheel, single pay line slot that has a unique boost symbol. When the symbol is about to show, the game is intermittent and slot players are given the chance to either remain with their original wager or take a shot at boosting it ten fold. This can mean remarkable winnings on just one spin.

This game goes on to provide more great features as well. Touted as the no bet is lost slot Booster is a great new online slots. Each of your wagers that do not win is added to a unique fund. This fund can be cashed out by you at anytime at 10% of its value, or you can select to recuperate all of your wagers on an extraordinary win/lose spin. Oh, the options are so cutting edge and all from a phone to boot.

One of the principal challenges in developing games for cell phones is that there is exceedingly modest consistency among cell phone brands that creates quite a challenge for development on a global level – but the technology just keeps advancing and we are happy to see that for sure. Gaming is just so popular that the demand literally demands development.

In fact, cell phone game developers have to create special versions for nearly every different brand of cell phone. not only fully supports the creation of new online gambling specialties, but cell phone advancement too.

In fact, Slotland’s cell phone players can even deposit and withdraw on their mobile phone using the same account that they use when online gambling. Even more, he cell phone casino games are also networked to Slotland’s Progressive Jackpot, which is known for being commonly hit for well over $100K. Imaging winning that much money while stuck in traffic – oh the options are getting better and better aren’t they?

For those of our online gambling fans that are not completely familiar with Slotland’s style – its 9 innovative slot games and video poker games on their gaming site plus 5 great games now available by cell phone PDA, provides everyone anywhere with a great way to play safely and securely.