XXL Domino Duels!

Good evening everyone – that’s Sascha – Hello Patrick And we’re here for another domino duel – Now the rules: 2 people from each group make it to the semi-finals And whoever finishes those 5 meters here first has to knock down his line & it has to fall until the end 3,2,1 …. GO! Now the important question is: “Who has the better start”? – Sascha: “They are almost synchronous” Patrick: “If you build a turn – Is it an advantage or a disadvantage?” – Sascha: “Of course a disadvantage because it results in a longer line” Anno shouldn’t you build faster if you wanna beat Samu (Skype)? – I am working on it We’re reaching the last second of the first group – are you sure those dominoes will fall?

That’s almost as bad as Schalke’s defense [German soccer team] IT WILL FALL Oh – Samu – And it starts If it stops now it’s over – but… But it falls – And everything fell – And ANNO!!! And Anno comes in second place while Jojo is toppling his line That means Samu & Anno made it to the Semi-final – Sascha: “That was close!” Now we have group 2 here – Samu: “I was just building & now I am standing here – my fingers are still shaky… but I am excited what the others are doing – THREE, TWO, ONE, GO! Marcel you have the double hand-strategy – is it better? – Marcel: “Yes it’s great” You usually only play double-hand in tennis?

Ummm.. No – It’s called backhand The left side is leading – Alexandra & Hanna on the right side have to catch up Marcel you’re reaching the finishing line – from where do you have a better view – from the camera crane or from the camera dolly? I think from the crane Who will finish first – a running duel! – And Sascha checks – The line is falling… Will it fall to the end? – It looks good – and it’s finished! – That’s the first place for Marcel And Sascha has time AND TOPPLES WITH HIS LEGS BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO GOOD And the dominoes are falling & thats the end of group 2 This is the last group which starts in TRI, ZWOA, ANS, GO I am looking at this (again?) from the side Simon and Patrick have the same building speed And almost a Patrick – It sounded like that at least Patrick, it looks good so far – do you think you’ll have the endurance to finish?

My endurace is usually not really good – except when I’m watching a movie marathon And Mathias almost reached the finish… (Patrick screaming in the background) And the controls exacly like me And it looks good and will definitely fall down Eva comes closer and maybe if could be close – but it looks like Patrick finishes second and.. It looks good – Sascha “it can still stop” – but it falls – And Eva finishes right in this moment Sascha, we reached the semi-finals & this is really special because they are building again 5 meters but this time… They all start from the same position & if one fails it’s over for him if he can’t stop it early enough The person who finishes first will make it to the finals! And in the middle the light blue dominoes – Light blue is my favourite color & I have seen all domino days 3,2,1, GO! Anno – you’re almost reaching the finishing line- is your strategy the right one?

YES! Samu & Anno almost made it – AHHHHHHHH – OHHHHHHHHH – OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That could be the end for Samu but it was a great reaction of him! And he topples it and…

IT STOPS and he has to build it again And Marcel also topples it early! ARE YOU NERVOUS NOW BECAUSE YOU ALMOST FINISHED??? Marcel: “Yes!

“- I never ran that fast before – Marcel: “I’ve also never seen you running that fast before” And Samu – but Marcel – and it starts – AND SCREAMING, EXCITEMENT, AND…. COME ON, COME ON – and it’s a photo finish AND… And Marcel made it to the finals – What a photo finish! And after Marcel reached the finals first I can talk weird stuff again and… 3, 2, 1 GO! Once again – if someone topples his line early wi’ll have sudden death (I deffinitely wrote that wrong but who cares.. 😉 ) Patrick & Sascha are almost at the same speed but Mathias – you have to build a little bit faster! Patrick – you are halfway done – Are the dominoes ok so far?

Yes – but I’m not sure for the place where we are doing this duell – we are here in Tulln (Austria – not Germany) One more meter for Mahtias & Patrick – for Sascha a little bit less… The floor is broken?!? And it’s getting really close and Sascha finished!

– It is falling and… He did it (while Patrick is screaming in the background) It is time for the final Samuel I am not really surprised that Marcel & Sascha are standing here next to me – it’s like formula one right one Hamilton & Rosberg… Um Marcel & Sascha made it! We are starting in SIEBEN, 3, 2, 1, GO! That was super-close with Sascha! Did you see that?!? If he would have toppled the line at this point it would have been over That would have been the own goal in the first minute from Sascha Sascha – is your plan to risk for now?

Sascha: “It is still turquoise, turquoise & turquoise what I have now here” Those are exciting words – How is it going at Marcel’s side? Marcel, do you think you could fall over with your head? – Probably not but maybe I will if you come even closer with the microphone But the people should hear you! If you’re reaching the finish – do you think it will fall to the end – yes, definitely! Half of a meter for Sascha – how is it looking at Marcel’s side?

It is depanding on the last centimeters – The last dominoes – And it it falling but… IT STOPS AT MARCELS SIDE And it falls to the end and Sascha won (while he is screaming stuff which the translator doesn’t understand – something with turquoise is the best) Sascha, congratulations! That’s your applause – Sascha Isn’t that a nice camera crane? 😉 See you next year for another episode of “the domino duell” – Until then Sascha is the domino-champion of the world – see you 🙂 Sub 4 sub?